Easy Tool Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Which is located in Taichung City,central Taiwan, has been specialized in production and development of screwdrivers and bits with good reputations in the global market.

With a history over 40 years, Easy Tool is a seasoned maker in the line

Turning out a variety of screwdrivers, including precision screwdrivers, magnetic screwdrivers, one-touch screwdrivers, jewelryprecision screwdrivers, screwdrivers with LED lights, screwdriver bits with different specifications, torque drivers, hammer drivers, ratchet tools and hand tool sets. All the products have been well received in European and Japanese market.

The company's tools are available in various materials

Such as S2 steel, chrome, molybdenum and other special metals for custom designs and functions. To secure consistent product quality, the company has also built a full line of VDE equipment to have its product tested for temperature endurance, pull force and durability. Plus, the company is also reputed as a reliable OEM and ODM in line.

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